Trip to the Downtown Farmers’ Market

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It is Wednesday, which means, of course, that I went to the Peterborough Downtown Farmers’ Market.

And how was the market?

It was hot.

Very hot.

So hot that the greens were wilting and the asparagus was steaming itself.  So hot that there was as much ice being stuffed in hats and shirts (and in one case a bra) than in the glasses of Kyoto Coffee lemonade.

It was so hot that the Gaelic Garlic folks switched accents from Scottish to Jamaican (ok, so that one isn’t true).

I snapped a few pictures, of course.

But before I get to the pictures a bit of news on the Farm to Table blog and on the Peterborough This Week column:

I’m going to be featuring a “What to look for at Market” piece each Tuesday in the blog.  It will give you a heads-up about the weekly Market guest chef, as well as what you might find produce-wise.  It’s been an odd growing season, though, so don’t complain too much if I guess wrong on some fruit/veggie availability.

In the column, look for a feature on the Gaelic Garlic (with a recipe for pickled garlic scapes) this week-end.  On July 1st, I’ll be telling the story of McLean’s Berry Farm and offering up a strawberry recipe (not sure what, yet).  On July 15th, I’ll be talking to Brad Watt from Rare Grill House and learning how to BBQ the perfect steak.

In a few minutes, I’ll be updating the blog with some burger grilling tips.

Now, on to the sultry, sweaty Farmers’ Market.

First stop was a visit to Tracy at Kyoto Coffee for some her son, Travis' lemonade. A great way to beat the heat. Look for young Travis to be selling his lemonade at Market once school ends later this month.
Next I hit Nicole at Wooler Dale farm for some asparagus and salad greens.
Then I watched the buskers and drank my lemonade. Poor guys were roasting.
I chatted with Paula at Sun Root Organics. If we didn't start our own tomato plants, we'd be buying hers for our garden. In fact, we always end up buying a few of her varieties anyway.
This just in. Important news for strawberry lovers in Peterborough!