Tall tree farm finds its roots in Havelock — Plus, Fried Zucchini Recipe

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My latest Farm to Table column is in the print edition of Peterborough This Week. It is also on their website. I’ve got a link to it from my MyKawartha Blog.

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Excerpt #1.

At Tall Tree Farm, it is all about family. You understand this immediately as you pull into the driveway and park around back by the century-old Havelock Barn.

The minute you arrive, you see, you’re sure to be greeted by the young Tall Tree brood: mother, Amanda, straw hat askew and tanned from long hours in the garden sun; father, Dave, warm and welcoming and eager to lead a tour of the property; toddler, Dave Jr., leading the way and pointing out crops that are ripe and ready for the picking.  After them will trail a menagerie of barn-cat kittens and the family dog.  The chickens are cooped and penned, but you get the feeling that they’d be coming to greet you as well.

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Excerpt #2

How hard to they work?

During a tour of their greenhouse, Amanda points out that they have to get up twice per night to feed the winter woodstove that allows them to get a head start on their spring market greens.  I take a moment to imagine stumbling through the cold February midnight dark in order to hope for a springtime paycheque.

And I’m suitably impressed.

The work ethic shows as 3-year-old Dave, not yet up to his mother’s hip, toddles in and out of garden rows, picking perfectly ripe cucumbers and zucchini.  He staggers up to us with a zucchini squash that looks like it weighs nearly as much as he does.

“I’ve got dinner for tonight!” he exclaims excitedly.

There is dinner there for a week, I think.


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Recipe: Fried Zucchini

A perfect side to any BBQ meal. Kid friendly and fun. And a great way to use those bumper zucchini crops! This informal recipe is great for even beginner cooks.


zucchini (feel free to also include eggplant, mushroom, or peppers) – sliced to no more than ¼ inch thick
egg – start with one and use more as needed
flour – and handful or so (option: you can add a bit of dried oregano and/or a pinch if cayenne to your flour)
salt and pepper – a generous pinch of each
vegetable oil – just enough to cover the bottom of a shallow pan.


Sift a handful of flour, plus the salt and pepper into a ziplock bag;

Beat egg.

Dip zucchini/vegetables into the egg, a few at a time, and then add to the bag of flour – making sure there is plenty of air in the bag as well – and shake until the vegetables are coated;

Repeat until you have coated all of your vegetables;

Shallow fry on medium-high heat until golden brown;

Blot oils with paper towel and serve with tzatziki or your favourite dip.