Welcome to the New Web Home of Farm to Table Peterborough

Hello, and welcome to the new online home of Farm to Table Peterborough and the Farm to Table Downtown Culinary Tours.

As Farm to Table has grown and morphed over the past few years, the purpose of the website has also changed. Farm to Table isn’t serving as much food as they once did — though Donald will still entertain the odd request for small-scale catering. Instead, we’re spending the bulk of our time promoting local, seasonal food, the people who grow it, and the local businesses and restaurants that either sell or serve it.

We’re writing more than ever, consulting people on local food purchasing ideas, and, of course, offering the very successful Downtown Culinary Tours.

In the near future, we will be providing a listing of Peterborough area restaurants and stores that specialize in local and seasonal produce, naturally-raised meats, wholesome dairy, plus other great products.

We also hope to be expanding our culinary tours into new communities and into new formats — including some weekend and evening tours.

Check back frequently for updates.

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Thanks for stopping by the new site. We hope you visit regularly.

Bon appetit and cheers!