gnocchi update

Farm to Table reader/friend, Alison Clark writes:

Cake Walk's beet gnocchi.

[The gnocchi] looks good. You should check out cake walk blog online to get a super beet gnocchi recipe. We have made it a couple of times with overgrown garden beets. It freezes well also. Cheers!”

And check i did.  Here’s the link:

Cake Walk tossed hers in lemon and thyme.  While that sounds interesting, I think I might go a different route when I get to beet season.  Beet gnocchi w/capers and crumbled goat cheese.  The peppery mustard taste of capers will contrast nicely with the sweetness of the beet.  The earthiness of goat cheese will envelop these flavours and offer some good texture.  An olive oil base would work.

Thanks, Alison!

another reason to eat locally: honey laundering

farm to table reader and friend, natalie swift, writes:

“donald, did you hear about the honey trade? it’s my most recent reason to eat local honey.”

she also passed on the following link to a globe and mail article on the global honey market and how it affects the honey we buy in canada:

thanks for the link, natalie! that’s, uh…  sweet.

buying honey from your local farmer’s market is always a good place to start.  chances are you’ll be talking to the beekeeper when you make your purchase.  you are always free to ask questions, and producers are usually very proud to answer them.

farm gate sales are also a good option.  hit the googlesphere for farm gate sales near you.

in the peterborough area, you can find a number of options through

and i gotta tell you, there’s nothing like a local honey buzz.