Speaking Notes: My Local Food Advocacy/Leadership Workshop at Trent University

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I’m off to corrupt minds deliver a workshop on local food advocacy and leadership at Trent University Today.

We’ll be talking about steps people can take to become local food advocacy leaders — to help inspire their communities to support and celebrate local, seasonal, and artisanal foods.

Those of you who have seen me speak before — or who have been on the Downtown Culinary Tour — will have heard some of this already.

I’ve decided to include my workshop outlines in the blog, for a couple of reasons: the first so that students from today’s workshop will have a resource to go back to, and secondly, as a resource and a place to start for blog readers who are curious as to steps they can take in their own lives.

Some of the slides won’t make 100% sense without context, but you should get the gist.

And you can always contact me if you have questions.

local food advocacy presentation

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