‘Snow Way! It’s Seedy Sunday Time Again

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Krista takes the blog controls again — though please don’t blame her for the headline.

I’m not often one to complain about the weather. I can dress for the cold, I don’t mind the heat, but this? What good is snow that I can’t ski on? Or temperatures that don’t let me ride my bike but make the canal and outdoor oval too soft for skating? As I look out my window at this slushy mess that is somewhere in between winter and spring, I start thinking “Maybe Wiarton Willie was right. Maybe it is time to start thinking about spring.”

Luckily Jill Bishop and the Urban Tomato came to my rescue with news of this year’s Seedy Sunday event – the 8th annual Peterborough seed sale and exchange – scheduled for Sunday, March 10th, 1 – 5pm. After all, talk of Seedy Sunday is the offical start of “Gearing up for Gardening” season! And, really, what better way to brighten a dreary day than with a little garden planning?

Seedy Sunday is a fantastic (and free) event for gardeners of all abilities and levels of obsession. Held at George Street United Church, Seedy Sunday is both a seed exchange and seed sale that is not to be missed. With a whole room full of vendors selling all kinds of seeds for just about any veggie you can think of, including many heritage varieties and organic seeds, the event really should come with a warning: be prepared for your garden to get bigger! While I always go to Seedy Sunday with a list of the things I’m looking for, it kind of ends up like grocery shopping when you’re hungry…you see all sorts of fun and interesting things that you NEED to grow and somehow you leave with far more than you had on your list.

Like any good gardening event, the expertize onhand at Seedy Sunday is often the best part. Be sure to take some time to talk to the growers and vendors – if you have a question, chances are good that they’ll have an answer. While there are some large vendors with a great variety of seeds to choose from, there are also a number of small growers who are only too happy to talk about their labour of love.

If you’ve already saved some of you own seeds from last year, bring along your extras to the seed exchange table. If you haven’t tried saving seeds before, you will want to make sure you catch the Seed Saving 101 workshop (which does come with a warning, by the way: seed saving can be addictive!).

Robin Tench of EarthWorks Eco-Gardening will also be in attendance, giving a workshop for those looking for information and advice on compost and organic gardening.

You can find out all the details from your internet venue of choice: http://urbantomato.blogspot.com, https://www.facebook.com/events/127511700757360/, or you can follow the event on Twitter: #ptboseedysunday. Be sure to follow Jill at @ @urbanTomatolady.