smitten kitchen: my favourite cooking blog

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let me tell you a little something about my life.

or, rather, let me tell you a bit about the role of fate when it comes to my life.

i am the victim of bad timing.  perpetually.  i’m the guy who plays the same lottery tickets weekly, only to skip a week and have his numbers come up (not true, i don’t play the lottery, but if i did…).  i’m the guy whose favourite hockey team will blow a 3-0 lead the second he puts on his “lucky” hockey jersey (very true, and i apologize to both the montreal canadiens and pittsburgh penguins for this).  back when i was dumb enough to be a regular smoker, i could count on the bus arriving the second i “lit a butt.” every time.

and so it only makes sense that the first day that i finally get the farm to table blog up and running — after a month of false starts, host provider screw ups, domain name mess ups, and some time away from home — instead of a wonderful home-cooked meal, i am having leftovers.  someone else’s leftovers at that.  i mean, don’t get me wrong, i’m very appreciative of my friends for donating me a delicious lasagna, but it makes for a pretty weak food blog. even if most of the ingredients were local. even if it was delicious.

a donation of someone else’s lasagna is hardly the way to start a home cooking website.

so, in order to not disappoint, i offer you this: my favourite food blog. smitten kitchen blends tight writing, a cutely engaging blogger, and a collection of wonderful (if sometimes decadent) into an incredibly readable journal of food discovery.

with almost daily updates and recipes, you can count on new doses of smitten kitchen regularly.

and with that, to the microwave i go.