Slow Acres Catering

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I met Johnny Oran and Elise Keller today at Market.  They’re the owners of the fledgling Slow Acres Catering.

I’ll be posting a brief story about them at the Farm to Table Blog later.  In the meantime, here’s what you need to know:  They do “casual or elegant farm fresh catering for dinner parties and small groups,” they have a stall at both the Thursday Lakefield Market and the Wednesday Downtown Farmers’ Market (selling beautiful baked goods and fantastic pizza), and they are producing organic veggies on their farm.

You can reach them at

And now…  Slow Acres Catering pictures from today’s Market:

Johnny Oran and Elise Keller of Slow Acres Farm.
They were serving up excellent pizzas for lunch. I had one with caramelized onions, sweet potato, and bacon.
Some of their gorgeous baked goods.
While I was there, sales were brisk. Their baked goods sold like hotcakes. Which, judging by the temperature today...
Dainty, delicious little treats that showcase Johnny's craftmanship.