Silver Bean Opens for Summer Season

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The staff at the Silver Bean on opening day.

The best little café on the Otonabee opened up today.

The Silver Bean is celebrating its 10th summer this year.  Open from May-October, the café is a great downtown destination for light meals, snacks, and, of course, coffee.

Now, I’m not a java guy, so you’ll have to excuse me for not giving a review of their fair trade roasts.  They’ve got a good selection…  And people rave about their espresso-based bevies…  So, coffee-lovers, I’d say that it is safe to assume you’ll find it to your liking.

I can, however, tell you that they make a mean London Fog.  Ah, Earl Grey…  How I love you so…

The food at the Bean is fantastic.  I lunch there frequently.  I snack there even more so.

There is an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients.  Everything is made from scratch.  Salads, sandwiches, wraps — light but delicious fare.

If you haven’t already, get on downtown and check ’em out.  Tell them Donald sent you.

Sure, that probably won’t get you much.  But it might get me the odd free cup of tea.

And, trust me, I’ll appreciate it.

Silver Bean staffer, Stephanie Wood, makes some chocolatey snacks.