Silver Bean Café: Tasty Treats Down by the River

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I spent much of the day at the Silver Bean Café today.  Which isn’t that odd.  I like to spend time there frequently.  It my office away from the office.  The place where I do much of my writing.

And while I was there, I decided to dedicate my blog to the Bean.

Read all about the Silver Bean by following the link.

While I was there, I decided to take a few photos.

Welcome to the Silver Bean Café, located in Millennium Park in downtown Peterborough.
Stephanie, Michael, Andrea, and Katelyn are the most cheerful crew in town. Oh, and talented.
One of the many views from the Bean. There isn't a bad one.
Fellow local blogger (and doula), Desiree Fawn gets some work done. You can find her Birth Services info at You can tell she's working hard because she's usually smiling!
A lunch special before it is whisked off to a customer.
Local straw bale builder Dale Bronson (left) and artist Leslie Menagh (far right) take in lunch with a friend.
A view from the dock, below the Café.
I was honoured to find that I was the Silver Bean "Customer of the Day" today. They nominated me after I provided some words for a letterpress artwork being created by Jeff Macklin of Jackson Creek Press (