Nourish: Food + Community — A Large-Scale Non-Profit Educational Org Tackles Food Security Issues

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I thought I’d pass on a link to a fantastic program run out of the United States by and organization called Nourish. Nourish brings together PBS television, curriculum resources, web content, short films, and teacher and youth seminars in order to educate people about where their food comes from and how to access food that is both nutritious and environmentally sustainable.

Their educational material – particularly their videos – are valuable resources for teachers, students and parents. They are also great introductions to food security issues for interested people of all ages.

Nourish is a program of WorldLink, a nonprofit organization with twenty-two years experience in designing education and outreach programs. To maximize the effectiveness of Nourish, WorldLink is collaborating with more than 50 organizations dedicated to creating a sustainable food future.

Check out Nourish’s website here:

For a shortcut to their fantastic videos – by such food experts at Jamie Oliver and Michael Pollan – visit their YouTube channel here.