Media Release: September Tours

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Media Release
Farm to Table Food Tours Extend Through September
Extremely Popular Downtown Culinary Tours to Run for an Extra Month

For Immediate Release
August 23rd, 2012

One of the summer’s success stories will be stretching its way into autumn.

The Farm to Table Peterborough Downtown Culinary Tour will be operating throughout the month of September – and trying to continue a streak of sold out events for another few weeks.

“We were wondering whether or not to continue into September,” admits Owner/Tour Operator, Donald Fraser.  “But the run of success that we’ve had, and the great reviews have convinced me that there will be at least some patrons coming out.  Despite the end of the summer holidays.”

The weekly tours, which visit six downtown businesses each week, showcase local boutique food stores and downtown restaurants, highlighting small batch, artisan food production and local/seasonal cooking.  They run from 1pm to roughly 4pm each Wednesday, leaving from the Peterborough Downtown Farmers’ Market.  Each venue provides generous samples of their products – including some wine and beer samples.

“It’s been a pretty impressive run,” notes Fraser.  “Other than the first week, we’ve sold out all of July and August.  I’ve been in the rather unhappy position of turning people away and setting up a waiting list.”

Reviews have been universally positive.

“Raves,” says Fraser.  “In fact, most people come up and thank me individually after the event.  Several people have come back for second tours.  The word of mouth – the buzz – has been fantastic.”

Of course the success of the tours is shared by the downtown businesses.

“It’s been some great direct marketing for all of the businesses on board,” explains Fraser.  “Were introducing new customers to restaurants and shops across the core and letting chefs and owners wow them with their talent, personalities, and incredible foods.  We know that many of these patrons are going to come back.  We also know that they are going to tell friends, families, colleagues about their experiences.  Add this to the media outreach and social media outreach, and you have thousands of people being introduced to these businesses.”

The tour has attracted a wide array of participants.

“What has been incredible is the diversity of people coming out,” says Fraser.  “We’ve had cottagers, people from communities outside of Peterborough – Lakefield, Bridgenorth, Young’s Point, Ennismore, Millbrook – groups of people from local workplaces, retirees, students…  You name it.  So many of these people have spent time in downtown without ever frequenting these businesses.  And so many of them are now vowing to return to these great businesses.”

According to Fraser, the success of the tour rests with the businesses visited.

“These people are artists.  They are educators.  They are showmen and showwomen.  And they have been absolutely wowing their audiences.  It’s been a genuine pleasure to watch them do their stuff and sample their incredible foods.”

For more information on the tour, including schedules, please visit or call Farm to Table Peterborough at 705-977-0604.


Farm to Table wants to bring a taste of Peterborough and the surrounding areas to you.  We write about, promote, and prepare local, seasonal food.  We also lead regular culinary tours of both downtown Peterborough and the surrounding areas.
With regular media outreach, workshops, and promotion of local producers and businesses, we shine the spotlight on local tastes.  We want to share our meals with you!

Donald Fraser has spent over a decade working in community-based environmental education. As a former TV segment producer/host, newspaper columnist, and workshop presenter, he has featured countless growers, food producers, restaurants, and local food enthusiasts.  His food writing has appeared in newspapers and magazines through Southern and Central Ontario.  Donald marries a keen understanding of “food miles” to a love of diverse cooking styles. He believes in having fun with food, mixing the gourmet with the common-day to present food that anyone can sink their teeth into.