Hipster Farmers Ditching Chickens?

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Backyard Chicken Farming In Urban Areas Gains In PopularityThe other day, this article in the National Post was brought to my attention.

According to the article, “municipalities across North America are just now starting to see the unforeseen consequences of allowing hipster farmers to raise chickens in their urban backyards: Hundreds of birds are being abandoned by their owners after they’ve become more of a burden than a blessing.”

That’s right.  They used the term “hipster farmers.”

Now, for the record, I’m all for the idea of backyard chickens.  We’ve toyed with the idea here at Farm to Table.

But I’m wondering, dear readers, what you think of the ideas raised in the article.

Or with the articles found here:




Or any of the number of articles published in the last week or so — really, it’s the type of story that media outlets tend to run with.

I’d love your thoughts in the comment section below.