Food Science: The Electric Orange

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Juliette Polito gets to the bottom of the long-debated issue: which fruit is a source of more power: the apple or the orange?

I was recently covering the Peterborough Regional Science Fair for a local media source.  While doing interviews, I came upon an ultra-enthusiastic grade schooler with a most interesting project.

A little snippet from the article:

Juliette Polito, a Grade 7 student from Lakefield College School shared some of this same enthusiasm.

“I think a lot of the students here are passionate about science,” she explained.  “And people need to show what they are passionate about.  I think that is when their talent really shows.  And it is really cool when you can bring together so many people with those same interests, passions and goals.”

Polito’s project measured the voltage produced by common fruits.

“I was really surprised at my results and by the energy that these fruits contain,” she exclaimed.  “Nature is amazing, and we don’t know half of what there is to know about it.”

For Polito, the day was a great educational experience.

“I’m definitely learning things I’ve never seen before.  If I didn’t already believe it, I’d sure be convinced now: science is cool!”

For the record, our local apples produced more currant than American oranges and tomatoes.