Downtown Culinary Tour Expands: Who Would You Like to See on the Tour?

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Some of the tastes of the Downtown Culinary Tour.

Farm to Table Downtown Culinary Tours are gearing up for another year of great touring/tasting fun — and we want you to tell us where you’d like to go.

Last year we had a varied and exciting list of venues on the tour — see here for complete details — and we’re hoping to be able to feature all of them again this year. We’d also like to take the opportunity to expand the tour and feature even more downtown businesses.

The catch? The business has to either produce, sell, or serve foods that feature local and seasonal meats, cheeses, dairy, or produce. And not just the odd ingredient either. All of our business owners, managers, and chefs take time out to explain to tour participants what kind of local/seasonal ingredients they use — and why they choose them. And then they offers delicious samples.

So drop us a line — either in the comments section, by emailing, or via Facebook and Twitter — and tell use who you would like to see featured on this season’s Farm to Table Culinary Tour.

Everyone who answers gets put into a draw for a free tour!

We can’t wait to hear what you suggest!

3 Replies to “Downtown Culinary Tour Expands: Who Would You Like to See on the Tour?”

  1. i know its not downtown..but the guus at primal cuts butcher shop on Lansdowne are second to none. What do you get when you mix a chef with a professional butcher… awesome food and customer experience

  2. I’d love to have Primal Cuts a part of it. And we’ve chatted in passing about it.

    I think we’ll find a way to squeeze them in somehow — they are a PERFECT fit for the tour. They’re just too far to walk to.

  3. You should add Enticing Cakes, they have the best desserts! My family and I are in multiple times a week – their customer service can’t be beat either. (East City’s part of Downtown right??)

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