Downtown Businesses, #ithinkiloveyou

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black honey

Over on my personal Facebook page and my personal @ptbo_skeptic Twitter account, I’ve started a regular little blub/feature where I give a shout out to people that, in my eyes, have done or said something worth shouting out to the world.

It’s still in its infancy.  And I’ve only celebrated two people in the two days that I’ve been doing it — I’m looking at you Sarah Polley and local blues singer, Rick Fines.

But I do hope to keep it a regular thing.

I celebrate these folks by pointing out my admiration with a simple Twitter hashtag:  #ithinkiloveyou

It’s all in fun.  And while I don’t actually have any romantic leanings for these folks (well, OK, Sarah is pretty darned cute as well as being politically and socially vocal), there is a little place in my heart for them.

Today’s #ithinkiloveyou goes out to all of the downtown businesses on the Farm to Table Peterborough Downtown Culinary Tour.

We’re almost to the end of this inaugural season’s round of tours, and the local businesses on the tour have all been spectacular.

Every single one of them have every reason to be proud.  They have all amazed tour patrons with their knowledge, their quick wits, their incredible food, and their charm.  They have helped educate people about the social, environmental, and economic importance — and great taste — of local and seasonal food.

And, most importantly, they have helped us all take steps towards ensuring that downtown Peterborough remains a welcoming and economically sustainable place for businesses, residents, and visitors alike.

I thank them all.  And I am honoured to be able to share time on these tours with them.

Thanks to:

Peterborough Downtown Farmers’ Market

Naked Chocolate (artisan chocolates)

Firehouse Gourmet (Gourmet food store)

The Sapphire Room (Great Martini’s and more!)

Chasing the Cheese (Cheese Shop)

Brio Gusto Wine Bar and Restaurant

Rare Grill House

Black Honey Bakery

Le Petit Bar

The Sapphire Room


Sam’s Place — The Best Dan Deli in Town

The Pasta Shop

The Night Kitchen Pizzaria