Coming Soon: Italian Pub Night Recipes

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For some reason, there was Italian on the menu throughout the weekend. Pizza one night, meatball subs the next. We had some tasty seasonal slaw to keep things moderately healthy. Coming soon, the recipes: Autumn Harvest Vegetable Pizza, Messy Meatball Subs, and Fallslaw with Cabbage, Carrot and Apple.

The bulk of the ingredients were local. The subs featured meatballs made from local beef, homegrown garlic, cayenne, and oregano (plus a few other local ingredients) on homemade bread, with sauce made from all homegrown ingredients. The pizza was a hand-tossed crust, again with the homegrown sauce, and featured chard, eggplant, brocolli, and tomatoes — all from our garden — along with garlic scape pesto that we made and froze early in the summer. Finally, the slaw was made from cabbage and carrots from our garden, with local apples for sweetness. I can thank Krista for growing most of this food. Without her gardening skills, we’d probably have starved by now.