Coming Soon: Dairy Night in Canada

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I’ll be honest here…

I’m pretty darned happy that NHL hockey is back. I’m a traditionalist, you see. I keep the faith.

Like the good Canadian that I am, I believe in hockey. It’s a religion to me.

Let me tell you one of my fondest memories — or rather a series of my fondest memories, because it used to happen frequently enough.

I used to live in Lake Louise, AB. Being a poor recent university graduate (with a minimum-wage ski-bum job), all I had for a TV was an ancient 11-inch black and white relic with rabbit ears. On a clear day, I could get CBC North fairly clearly. Each Saturday night, I would park myself in front of that old TV, light my old hurricane lantern, and squint as the snow on the screen combated the blowing snow that often whipped against my window. Beer in hand, I would transport myself back to the 1950’s — the Golden era of the game. Sure the hockey was modern, but the mood definitely wasn’t.

These days, the technology is a bit different. I usually have one game playing on our flat screen TV (which, I’m proud to admit, only gets one channel — our CBC affiliate, CHEX TV), and another on my computer. But I still never miss a week.

As a hockey widow, Krista has found her own Saturday night tradition. Actually, who is kidding who? With her several hours of husband-free freedom, she has learned to celebrate Saturday in her own style.

On Saturday nights, you see, Krista does her weekly food prep. Glass of Riesling on the counter, TED Talks on her iPod or iPad, she gets out the pots and starts heating up milk. She also fires up the oven. And then she gets to work.

Stay tuned here for some of her Saturday night traditions: goat yoghurt, soft goat cheese, and the best darned granola you’ll ever find. She’s excited to share.

Also, watch for some more of my fun hockey night pub foods.

Something for everyone in the upcoming weeks at Farm to Table!

Game on!