Celebrate Local Food Week With “Nourish Dollars”

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nourish-logoHappy Local Food Week!

For the next few days, communities across the province will be celebrating the foods grown and served in our area.

The Peterborough group Nourish is celebrating the week by promoting their Nourish Dollar program.   Nourish cultivates health, food, community and the economy by weaving an innovative and unique web which places access to healthy food at the core of its work.  The Nourish Dollar programs helps keep money in our food system — benefiting growers and helping others experience the advantages of local food.  Simply purchase the dollars and use them at local businesses for local products.

“While the official fête only lasts a week, the annual event seeks to inspire a more durable connection to local food by raising public awareness of our regional food system while encouraging consumers to adopt easy to make changes in terms of what and where they eat.

Here at Nourish, our love for local food lasts year round, and creating new connections to local food is a key component of our work. In 2013, we created Nourish Market Dollars as a way of doing this. Today, we are seeking to expand the program by enlarging it’s impact throughout the Peterborough Community.”

Read the full story here — and find out how to get your hands on Nourish Dollars to shop at local businesses.