Dani Does Downtown. (Food Tour That Is)

I was honoured to have 101.5 the WOLF morning show superstar, Dani Stover on the Downtown Culinary Tour last week.  And because of the size of the tour — there were only 4 of us! — she got plenty of attention.

It was a strange tour.  We’ve been used to having sold out crowds, taking over downtown businesses and doing culinary flashmobs of restaurants — well, as much of a flashmob as twelve to fourteen people can be.  This time around, things were quiet.  But there was plenty of time for eating, drinking, and talking.  We all got to know each other well.

I’d like to thank Dani for her coverage of the tour.  She wrote a great blog about it over on the Wolf website.  And included some great photos along with it.  I mean some really great photos.  Be sure to check it out.  Now, even.

And be sure to check out the back pages of her blog as well.  It’s full of great community-based stories, funny anecdotes, celebrity musings, and musical mayhem.  She’s a Peterborough treasure, that Dani Stover.