BBQ the Perfect Burger

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Over at my MyKawartha blog, I offer tips on the perfect BBQ burger.  Click here for the rest of the blog and the recipe.

An excerpt:

“Sure, there is a time and a place for exotic/gourmet burgers (ask me about my Jamaican Death Jerk Burgers, my Mediterranean Lamb burgers, my Bombay Curry Goat Burgers, or my Bean Burgers with Chipotle Mayo), but during prime BBQ season, I believe in allowing the local ingredients to shine.  This will be particularly true in a little while, when tomatoes come into season.

How simple should you keep it?  Three ingredient simple.  And two of those are salt and pepper.

A quick note about beef: Use quality, fresh product.  If it comes on a styofoam packing tray, it is not quality, fresh product.  You can use frozen, if you are buying quality, but fresh is better.  I cook burgers to medium rare (as should you), but would cook to well done if I didn’t know where my meat was coming from.”