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Welcome to Farm to Table!  We’re here to help bring a taste of Peterborough and the surrounding areas to you.  Farm to Table leads regular culinary tours of both downtown Peterborough and the surrounding areas.  We also write about and promote local/seasonal foods, local growers, and area food programs.

With regular media outreach, workshops, and promotion of local producers and businesses, we shine the spotlight on local tastes.  We believe in choosing local foods for environmental reasons, for personal health, and for for fresher, better tasting meals. And we want to share our knowledge of area food and drink with you!

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Who we are:

donald1Donald Fraser (co-owner and manager/head cook/chief blogger/culinary tour guide) has spent over a decade working in community-based environmental education. As a former TV segment producer/host, newspaper columnist, and workshop presenter, he has featured countless growers, food producers, and local food enthusiasts. He marries a keen understanding of “food miles” to a love of diverse cooking styles. Donald believes in having fun with food, mixing the gourmet with the common-day to present food that anyone can sink their teeth into.

krista Krista Campbell Fraser (co-owner and manager/baker extraordinaire/gardener/food preservation chief/reluctant blogger) likes to get her hands messy. As a grower, she can often be found, elbow-deep in the Farm to Table garden. As a baker, you’ll often find her, flour-covered, at the counter. Krista has an MSc. in Environmental and Life Sciences, having presented a successful thesis on the effects of ozone on local crops. She was introduced to large-scale food growing as one of the first rooftop growers/researchers of Trent University’s rooftop garden. She has a love of artisanal breads, and keeps the Farm to Table kitchen smelling wonderfully. Krista also makes sure that Farm to Table gets their bills paid on time.