A Tale of Two Breakfasts

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Wild leek and mushroom omelette, with double smoked lamb bacon. Garnished with Parmesan and black pepper.
Wild leek and mushroom omelette, with double smoked lamb bacon. Garnished with Parmesan and black pepper.

On weekends, Krista and I tend to linger over breakfast.

And our respective breakfasts speak a little about our weekend morning personalities.

I’m an (electronic) newspaper kind of guy.  I prefer few interruptions and a general conservation of personal energy. I’m generally a fan of greasy, bacon-heavy plates that take a minimum of effort.

Krista, on the other hand, is usually up and poking around the garden, making lists of things to do, and talking to her (usually) unresponsive husband.  On weekend mornings, she is often just unwrapping the goat cheese that she made the night before and picking whatever edibles are coming into season on our property.

Let’s just see what our respective breakfasts might look like on any given Sunday.

Hoser's Breakfast, eh.  Grilled backbacon and home fries with wild leeks.
Hoser’s Delight, eh. Grilled backbacon and home fries with wild leeks.

Donald: Hoser’s Delight
Back bacon (local Berkshire pork from Primal Cuts)
Potatoes (Beyer’s Farm)
Wild leeks (foraged from our secret patch)
Butter (Sterling Creamery)

1. Preheat BBQ to medium/high heat.  That’s right.  I said BBQ.  We’re not messing around with this meal.  And there is now one less pan to clean.
2. Make home fries.  I wrote a newspaper column on the perfect homefry, you can find the recipe here.  In this case, I omitted the bacon and added the wild leeks when the potatoes were 3/4 of the way browned/cooked.
3. Grill the back bacon.  Just a couple of minutes per side, until you get some grill marks and it becomes a slightly paler shade of pink.
4. Serve with tea and hockey news.

While we’re on the topic, here are some back bacon tips from those two respected hosers, Bob and Doug McKenzie. It should be noted that, depending on the season, my breakfast attire is often long underwear.  Beauty, eh?

Krista’s choice is a bit more fresh tasting.  I should point out that she took a rare page from my book and served her eggs up with some truly excellent local double smoked lamb bacon from my friends at Primal Cuts. And who do you think was responsible for this delicacy being in the fridge?  That’s right.  Donald brought home the bacon.

photo-1Krista:  Oh, My! Omelette!
2 eggs (Millar Farms)
1-2 wild leeks, plus garnish
Handful of mushrooms (The Mushroom Man)
Goat cheese (homemade chevre, using Crosswind Farm milk, see instuctions here)
Teaspoon of butter

1. Coarsely chop wild leeks, including greens.
2. Slice mushrooms (Krista used brown mushrooms from the Mushroom man at market, but you could use any type of mushroom — wild mushrooms would be even better if you have a secret foraging location.
3. Saute leeks and mushrooms very lightly in olive oil/butter — just to slightly soften.
4. Add 2 well-beaten eggs (add a bit of milk or water to make them more fluffy, if you’d like)
5. Add chevre, let it melt a bit, and then fold omelette once it begins to set and brown on the bottom.
6. Once cooked, season with cracked pepper and salt.  Garnish with a few leeks and Parmesan.

It should be noted that Krista’s morning attitude is way more old school.  Where I play my Doug McKenzie role, Krista more or less looks like this while waiting for her eggs to cook:


So folks, I’ve got to know… Which breakfast would you choose? Drop me a line!  We’d love to hear from you.